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Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm EST
manager with $9 billion in assets under management tells us how she sees investing environment next year. and saving an ancient city we will tell you what pablo picasso's grandson is doing to was once partich of the alexander the great empire. we are back in a few minutes. >> welcome back to "money moves" on bloomberg television and on yourg all day long tablet, phone, and some argue the fed will reduce this month sooner than previously thought. credit specialists just one paying extra close attention. credit hedge fund manager recently shared her insights as the environment. she wrote a book as well, "investing in credit hedge funds oz." as she says, everyone is exposed to credits whether they realize not. >> the most interesting for me is the fact that the credit evolve.ontinues to and sitting on the seat, you know, on the front row managing actual portfolio for institutional investors when i look at where we were coming out of the credit crisis up to today, it's amazing the speed with which the market has evolved and also the expense of the fed intervention since
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am EST
. it is a great place to work. it is very collaborative. it symbolizes that kind of creative environment we try to bring to our offices and our work environment. kargo.der and ceo of technology is changing all kinds of businesses, even traditional ones, such as the $9 billion egg industry. a company is creating eggs using plant proteins. the founder and cio was here. the funny thing about food is the more you look at it, the more bizarre it is. 1.8 trillion eggs are laid every year around the world. most of them come from pretty crazy places. imagine kitchens -- chickens crammed into cages. were starting at day one, we might look at plants that are more affordable and more efficient. >> i know that bill gates and thiel are backers. how did you connect with them? >> they are used to investing in cutting-edge technology. they are used to investing in personalized health. when they look at food, it almost stuns them at how much it lacks innovation. we approached them initially through a friend of mine. he introduced us to a partner of theirs and we began to tell a story of how inefficient our food
Dec 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
environment that we try to bring to the office and the work environment. founder.o and the founder of a startup that takes your ideas and takes you onto shelves of major retailers. ♪ >> quirky turns and ventures ideas, ideas submitted online and fine tuned by the community with products showing up on shelves all the time. then is the founder and ceo of quirky. an example of collaborative product development, i know you brought some pretty cool ones here. your background is pretty crazy. you asked your parents to take a second mortgage out on their home and you developed this great battery pack for the iphone? >> i was trying to figure out a way to not listen to my teacher. was aght all i needed little bit of money so i convinced my parents to remortgage their house and flew to china, realizing i needed more than money. that was a company platform for invention. you say you need more than money, what else do people need? it, you is one part of do design and manufacturing. deals with retailers, marketing, packaging. all that is fine. if we came together as a community, we could pus
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
will then put more cash in the portfolio. therefore, during difficult andet environments we file better protect capital than the equity markets, certainly more than listed private equity. >> how are you seeing this entirely week -- entire of private assets going? whatever category, how do you see it from a bigger picture point of view? >> it started in germany and grew. it took a long time for the interest to develop, like anything else, the proof was in the putting. we have competitors in there who have done well and it has really started to grow and i think that the industry and ourselves, specifically, achieved the best years not only in raising, but producing the types of returns investors expect. >> there is this idea of transparency, as well, which had only been available to a select group of very rich people and institutions before. >> correct. now when you have a daily value open-end mutual fund, the transparency is stupendous. we can provide whatever level the individual advisor wants to give to his or her client. >> how did you pick the managers? >> very few people could do something
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)